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Judy Prosser ~ Small Prints Gallery
Price: $25
Quality Giclee prints
Rectangle art prints image size:  130mm x 200mm - Plus white border :  160mm x 230mm
Square art prints image size:  165mm x 165mm - Plus white border :  195mm x 195mm

Emu Family
Emu Family

Finch Girl

Brolga Dancer

Bushfire Sprite

Lightning Girl with Dingoes

Girl with Red Drape


Two Dancers

Storm Dancers

Desert Dancer with Dingoes

Cyclone Dancers

Desert Procession

Wet Season Women

Chinatown Cricket

Didgeridoo Player

Emu Girl

Billabong Sprite

S hadow Play

The Beach

Girl with Emus

Five Desert Women and Dingo

Roebuck Plains Dance 

Desert Dervish

Corroboree Kids

Station Horses

Desert Dance

Woman With Dingo and Child

Dingo Dancer

Kangaroo Kill
Judy Prosser
Red Dress Woman and Children

Desert Taxi

Edge of the Dunes
Edge of the Dunes

Sprite With Brolgas

Jabiru and Sprite
Under a Dingo Moon

Dancers on the Claypan

Walkabout Camp

Billabong at Dusk

Desert Rap

Jabiru Billabong

Electric Blue
Brumby Mob
Brumby Mob

Lightning Girl

Baby Coming

Black and White


Art Prints

Greeting Cards

Small Prints

Post Cards


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Minimum order $50
We accept Visa card, Master card or direct deposit.